Beijing’s Greatest Hits

May 24th, 2009

Tiananmen Square –This space is very difficult to portray in photograph due to its immense size.  One feels very small when trying to navigate the throngs of people from one side to the next.  Below is the Great Hall of the People and the Monument to the People’s Heroes.

IMG_2287 IMG_0747

The Forbidden City –Is HUGE!  The Imperial Palace ( a series of 9,999 halls and rooms) was used from 1400 AD to the early 1900’s.  These grounds were impressive in their expanse and devotion to tradition.  Tourists from every nation could be seen, heard, and at times felt as we toured the grounds.

IMG_0748 IMG_0756

Culinary Travels –We had to finish our journey with a meal of Peking Duck – a Beijing specialty.  Our experience did not disappoint.  To top things off, we had carrot nested garlic birds, and a stunning display of fruit on dry ice to top off the meal.  What a wonderful way to end our trip.

IMG_2381 IMG_2386

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