About the Project

April 30th, 2009

Project Description

This year’s Hales Fund group studied the ways in which social norms and policies have promoted an unsustainable relationship with nature, through factors such as population trends and resource use, and the ways in which changing ecologies disrupt human societies.  The group also examined alternative models for society that are based on a more sustainable relationship with the environment.

How It Works

The Hales Fund faculty study group will meet one Friday each month from 4:00-6:00 at the President’s Home.  For each session, two co-facilitators from the group, on a rotating basis, will lead the discussion.  The syllabus for the course of study will be developed by the group itself.  In addition, the Hales Fund will support field study to be to conducted either over Spring Break, 2009, or during the summer of 2009.  Field study sites and itinerary will be developed by the group.

Expectations of Participants

The Hales Fund will support the purchase of all readings and also support the field study.  Each participating faculty member will be expected to attend all of the Friday sessions, and either to develop a new course or revise an existing course to include themes and readings which address global environmental issues.

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